Productize your methodology

Leverage Shibumi’s flexible strategy execution platform to rapidly productize the definition, implementation, and execution of your methodology.

Productize your methodology

  • Build your methodology once then reuse on all your engagements.
  • Fewer mistakes and easier on-boarding increases your likelihood of long term engagement success.
  • Take control over what customers can and can’t change after the engagement, improving the likelihood of post-engagement success.

Easy to learn, easy to teach

  • Don’t develop. Configure. No more complex excel formulas and insanely complex workbook programming
  • Our user-friendly interface is designed to make onboarding quick and easy, and becoming a “blackbelt” doesn’t require a PhD.
  • Because Shibumi is a SaaS platform, there are no cumbersome and complex customer back-end requirements or IT maintenance needed.

One platform, many use cases

  • Evolve your methodology IP over time within the product.
  • Rapid, agile updates in Shibumi allows for easy changes to your base methodology and client specific tweaks.
  • Not only can additional features be added to existing products, but Shibumi enables advisors to easily educate customers on additional offerings.

Differentiate your solution with Shibumi

App based Platform

An extensible platform that easily converts sophisticated methodologies into user friendly applications.

Metrics Driven

Real-time visibility into success KPIs and overall program “health” – track over time to highlight trends and success

Collaboration Focused

Create consistent and attractive executive briefings from within the product, no need for Office tools such as Excel or Powerpoint

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