The Shibumi Platform

Convert sophisticated methodologies into user friendly applications

Easy setup

  • Get up and running in a matter of days
  • Select from a growing list of apps & templates, then configure to your needs
  • Quickly integrate to your SSO provider

Comprehensive Program Management

  • Easily configure Shibumi to meet your specific needs
  • Structured yet flexible environment
  • Built-in rollups and aggregations

Simple Collaboration

  • Quickly invite the team and start collaborating in real-time
  • Have threaded conversations in Shibumi or through our email integration
  • Send time or event triggered notifications to keep everyone engaged

Secure Governance and Access Control

  • Robust roles support to define access at every level of the program
  • Enforce governance and drive consistency using advanced stage gating and approval processes
  • Have confidence in the cloud with our SOC II audited platform running in Amazon Web Services

Member of the Cloud security alliance

Built-in Dashboards and Presentations

  • Get out of Powerpoint by letting Shibumi generate your executive briefing decks
  • Facilitate collaboration up and down the organization through simple and engaging dashboards
  • Easily create charts and graphs with advanced drill-downs and formatting control

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