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It’s a New Year: Setting and Keeping Goals

Posted on December 30, 2013 by Mark DiGirolamo

2014It’s that time of year.  We reflect upon our accomplishments and sometimes, disappointments of the year behind us. We look to the future filled with hope and optimism as we set new goals and resolutions, and make promises-to-ourselves of how we’ll achieve them.  We do this personally, professionally and organizationally.  But what is the key to achieving the goals we set?

A Dominican University study by Dr. Gail Matthews found that there are three key elements to successful goal setting—accountability, commitment and writing down one’s goals. The study involved randomly assigning participants into five groups:

  • Group 1 – deeply analyzed their goals and the resources they had to accomplish them.
  • Group 2 – wrote down their goals after the deep analysis.
  • Group 3 – set action commitments after writing down their goals.
  • Group 4 – did all of the above and shared them with a friend.
  • Group 5 – did all of the above and sent a weekly progress report to their friend.


At the end of the study, Dr. Matthews interviewed the participants and as you might have guessed, Group 5 did the best.  In fact, an average of 76% of participants in Group 5 completed their stated goals versus 43% in Group 1.

We believe that the same principles should be applied to organizations looking to achieve their goals.  With Shibumi, defining your goals is simple; setting performance targets to track progress is a snap; and building plans to get you there can be done with a few clicks.

To learn more about Goal Setting in Shibumi watch this quick video – make 2014 the year you achieve your goals – it’s easy to get started.

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