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Exciting 2016 Shibumi Updates

Posted on January 9, 2017 by Mark DiGirolamo


Thank you very much for making 2016 one of Shibumi’s best (and busiest) years yet!

Our company has grown significantly to serve you better and our application has matured with clients all over the world relying on Shibumi to execute their transformative programs. These clients have provided fantastic, from-the-trenches feedback – much of which has resulted in enhancements that we’ve already incorporated and introduced via product releases throughout the year.

As you have likely noticed, we focused much of our time on enhancing customization and visualization options to ensure Shibumi matches the style and method that teams are accustomed to when reporting their critical data. These include formatting the header bars on your lists and views, viewing your tabular data in chart format, representing organizational charts from your team’s Salesforce data, and more!

Another key enhancement was the ability to show History. You no longer need to annotate multi-line text fields with author initials and dates to reflect the history of changes within a field. Instead, you can now include a History view showing an audit of your Shibumi content.

We continue to work on enhancements and functionality to let teams better capture and communicate critical program data. One of the most transformational capabilities we introduced this year, was Presentations. With Presentations, you’ll be able to take back the hours you spend aggregating data then tediously copying and pasting content into PowerPoint each time you produce a status report. Once you’ve set up a presentation in Shibumi, the slides stay current with your solution content, ensuring that your information is always accurate and up to date. You can lock the content at any time and publish the presentation – which produces a downloadable PDF that can be shared outside of Shibumi.

As you navigate through Shibumi, you’ll discover many subtle changes and improvements to the product and we’d love to tell you about them all!

We invite you to attend a webinar highlighting the key 2016 Shibumi product releases. Join us to hear how you can take advantage of the new capabilities and learn a few tips, tricks and shortcuts to enhance the value you’re getting from your Shibumi solutions. Click on the link here to register and to add the event to your calendar.

Whether you join the webinar or not, keep the feedback coming! We love hearing from you and are eager to continue improving the product in order to enhance the benefit you’re getting from Shibumi in 2017!

- Shibumi

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